The Dallas Mavericks, on the eve of game 5

The 2011 Dallas Mavericks have put together a historic playoff run.  As Duke of the Mavs, I feel it my obligation to tell you what’s so exciting about this.

Take, for example, the 2nd round triumph over the mighty Lakers, those yellow-colored monsters, who were HEAVILY favored in the series:

Should we be surprised?  Dirk and Kidd are sure-fire hall-of-famers.  The only tarnish on their otherwise brilliant legacies is a ring.  They want this bad. They don’t want to be like Malone & Stockton. They deserve to be like Pierce & Garnett, Hakeem & Clyde. And this is their chance.

True, Lebron & Dwayne are 2 of the leagues greatest stars.  Wade is an absolutely devastating clutch basketball player.  See 2006 finals.

But the Mavs have Dirk and Dirk is transcendent. But wait…didn’t Dirk used to be soft? No. Only four players have ever averaged, more than 25 points & 10 rebounds in their playoff careers, and Dirk is one of them. But he’s never had a supporting cast like this one.

With Chandler backing him up and Kidd setting him up and the Matrix & D Steve & the Haymaker pounding down low…watch what the Ghost-faced Drillah has done in this year’s playoffs, alone:

Watch him in Game 1 against the Thunder:

The Heat are unquestionably the great slam dunk champions of all time, and extremely athletic, outrageously talented.  Watch Wade.  Regardless of what kind of team he has, he can do other-worldly things under pressure. But their bench is not yet there, they are not anywhere close the cohesive team that the Mavs are.  Give them one more off-season to round out the team, good place for a veteran to get a ring.

But for now, to Dirk and to Kidd, who don’t have much more time in this league, this is absolutely their moment, their legacy. These Mavs are cohesive, like a finely tuned watch, with every part elegantly moving together.  Watch their ball movement on offense.  Watch Dirk pass out of the doubleteams, the ball, on a string, zipping toward a moment of space.  Watch their unselfishness.  Watch their eyes.  They’re crazy. Watch these comebacks…

Watch their relentlessness in this comeback in Game 5 against the Thunder.

Watch in the 4th when Marion and Stevenson and Kidd give every ounce they’ve got, trying to suffocate Lebron & Wade.  Watch Chandler sorta guard three people all at the same time.  Watch his tomahawk dunks and war cry.  Watch the bench, supporting their replacements.  Watch Lebron being an athletic freak, but not being quite sure what everyone thinks of him.

Ghost-faced Drillah: You think you’ve had enough of Dirk; maybe he’s worn out? Yeah. The guy’s got a torn tendon in his finger and a 101+ fever…but he wants this…more than anything.

The Underdogs: The unattached and gambling masses place their wagers that the Mavs lose this series, but it only matters what’s in Dirk & Kidd & Marion & Jet & Chandler’s minds…this is their chance.  They are doing it for Dirk, they are doing it for Kidd, this is their battle. Sports enthusiasts and fans of greatness…you owe it to yourselves to check in for these gritty wars.

2011 Playoffs run: Not only have the Mavs improbably swept Kobe & Gasol’s Lakers, and toppled Durantula’s Thunder, but they knocked off the Blazers, a stout team that was picked to to upset the Mavs! Check out this road to the playoffs:

If the Mavs have proven one thing in these playoffs, it’s that they’re going to win or die trying.

As a true, chest-painting fan, this is all I could ever ask for.