Engineering Salaries from Stanford

Science and engineering salaries

We are in the business of building an engineering organization at DataFox and our team hails from Stanford, MIT, Cornell, as well as Box, LinkedIn, etc.

Stanford published the following data on starting salaries for recent Stanford grads.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.15.35 AM

I’m a data and visualization nut, so I had to plot this on a graph.

Engineering Salaries from Stanford

Wow!  You are two students. You both got straight As and were yearbook editor in high school. You both study at Stanford, you both pay an enormous tuition. You both study really hard. Then, you graduate, and one of you makes 40k & the other 110k!  Not to mention the one making 110 gets free food, laundry, and massages.

I’ve written about this topic several times in the past, so this shouldn’t surprise me but the sheer differential is actually pretty amazing.

It is becoming increasingly true – the youngsters who learn how to build and communicate with computers are at an advantage over those who cannot.

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