PSA: Macbook speed tips

Public Service Announcement – MacBook speed issues.  I found series of steps that actually fixed my computer speed problems and I thought I’d share what worked.  (Please note, I am not a Mac expert.  I just trusted what these people did and so far, it has worked nicely for me…exercise caution and only do these if you’re comfortable w/ it yourself.)

Got the advice from this forum:  People there were nice enough to help some person out – and I happened to find the nuggets later:

Q:  MacBook is laggy, slow, sluggish, stuttering, etc.  Delays when I use mousepad, click around Firefox.  Frustrating.

A: You might do these things
(1) Try going to Accounts in System Preferences and seeing if your account is set to autorun any programs at login, and if it is, remove the ones that you didn’t know were autorunning and remove the ones that don’t need to.

(2) Then, restart the Mac and run Activity Monitor (it’s in /Applications/Utilities) and see what’s running – if there’s anything undesirable running in the background you might want to consider coming back and asking us how to stop it doing so.

(3) Secondly, verification/repair of a disk permission isn’t difficult – simply go to /Applications/Utilities again but this time run Disk Utility, select your hard drive and click ‘Verify Disk Permissions’. Mac OS X will check your drive and come back with a verdict as to how healthy the drive is, and if it isn’t healthy, should offer to ‘Repair Disk Permissions’. Try that, too.

(4) Run Activity Monitor (in /Apps/Utilities) to see what’s running on your Mac. You can sort processes by % CPU or Real Memory to see if anything is using abnormal amounts of system resources. I’ve had problems with Firefox leaking memory

(5) Run Leopard Cache Cleaner and see if that helps.  Run a deep cache cleaning, and all maintenance tasks.   Free download:

MD: I think what really solved my problem was (5) the Leopard cleaner – I did like 5 different ‘cleaning’ operations using that thing and it even rehabilited my very old iMac, too.

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