The Great Music Discovery Trifecta

Well, music accessibility has reached a critical threshhold…I’m calling it The Great Music Discovery Trifecta.  Here’s why:

Now, I can (1) identify, (2) peruse, and (3) own any song I ever hear.  Easy.  In control.

(1)  Shazam on the iphone – “prospecting”

(2) YouTube – “filtering”

(3) ITunes into my iPhone – “acquisition”

If you like music and you aren’t using the Shazam + YouTube + ITunes trifecta, then you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

Here’s how I do it…(1) anytime I hear a song I like, I whip out my iPhone and use the Shazam app to identify it.  Then, (2) when I get home, I look it up on YouTube.  In this way, I can listen to the song enough to know whether I really like it or not.  This is the second step in my music discovery funnel.  Finally, after hearing the song a few times, I can (3) choose which ones to buy in ITunes, which I will then have forever – both on my iPhone and at home.

The Trifecta: Shazam + YouTube + ITunes

For me, each of these pieces are nice on their own, but insufficient without the other three.  Without YouTube, for example, I wouldn’t be comfortable buying everything I’d flagged on Shazam.  Moreover, I would be hesitant to flag something on Shazam unless I was sure I’d buy it.  Without Shazam, I couldn’t have identified what I liked in the first place.  Without ITunes, I couldn’t pump it into my iPhone to have it with me wherever I go.

With all three pieces of The Music Discovery Trifecta, I’m in auditory paradise.

Wow Wow! – Pandora of news / talk radio

Works on IPhone. Big selection of customized audio news, on Iphone. No more chintzy local radio for me.

Its huge – he ability to listen to NPR, WSJ, and Top Rated Podcasts on your PC or IPhone – they have a huge list of categories that you can choose from – and their algorithm notices what you like and don’t like – delivering you better stuff the more you liten.

Amazing stuff – this will be my go-to source for news for the foreseeable future.  Go Stitcher.

Interesting thoughts from TC:

I have mixed feelings about Stitcher’s potential. While the desktop-based version of the website works as advertised, I have a hard time picturing many people sitting at their computers listening to recommended news articles and debates. This works well enough with music, but news content is much more involved – generally you need to pay more attention to what is being said, which probably isn’t how most people will want to spend their free time.

On the other hand, the iPhone version of the site has a chance to be a runaway success. The prospect of having my favorite blogs and podcasts streamed to my iPhone without ever having to sync up with a computer is very appealing. Right now the iPhone version of the site is clunky, mostly because of issues with iPhone’s integrated Quicktime player (though streaming over Edge works surprisingly well). But these problems should be short-lived, as Stitcher’s development team is hard at work on a native iPhone application which could see the service really start to shine this June, when Apple releases its sanctioned app store.

I totally agree.  While the PC version of this might be useful for some, the mobile version has the potential to be a game-changer.  I’m very impressed that they’re even reading top blogs aloud to provide this quality audio content to our phones.  I will definitely be using and paying attention to this company.